A Day in the Life of MELC

The Teachers help the children from their cars and escort them to the play yard where they spend a period of time outdoors (weather permitting). Some enjoy the climber, the slides, shooting basketballs into the hoop, kicking soccer balls into the net, while others like riding bicycles, scooters, cars, playing in the sandboxes or just running around in the playground.

After playground time is over, the children enter the classrooms for their activity period. The independent, free-choice activity time involves art, construction, housekeeping and role play, where they learn manipulative and practical life skills. Teachers monitor and facilitate these activities, and work with the children individually or in a small group.

The children will then participate in circle time which consists of stories, finger plays, music, talking and listening all based on the weekly sound theme.

When circle time is finished the children will get ready to go back outside for large motor activity. Some children will get ready for dismissal while others will continue to play until lunch time. The children will then have their lunch inside the school. After lunch, some children will be dismissed, while others will arrive and join the others who remain for the afternoon session. The afternoon session will begin with outdoor play and continue with a similar schedule as the morning session.

The Teachers have prepared the school environment to encourage movements, exploration, and discovery: to stimulate interest and choice; and to foster independence, socialization, self confidence and self-worth. We work with determination to make school a good place to be and to make this first school experience productive, safe and happy for all the children in our care.